Tour the newly opened Guest House at Graceland

Now open! The biggest hotel project to get off the ground in Memphis since before Elvis was born offers a place to stay and play — fit for a king. Elvis would certainly be proud.

National Park Service celebrates 100 years of preservation, adventure

One hundred years! It’s a birthday worth celebrating. The Organic Act was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson in an effort to preserve the country’s most incredible scenery and the wildlife that calls it home. Thus, on August 25, 1916, the National Park Service was born.

Keith Morrison provides turn-by-turn navigation on Waze

If you’re a fan of Dateline NBC, you probably agree that Keith Morrison’s voice is like no other. His storytelling takes you on a rollercoaster of tones, pitches, and vocal acrobatics that make stories come alive to the listener.

Mountain-made disconnect

Something magical happens when you reach the mountains of Montana. And it’s something that I wish I could experience more often. You lose your cell phone signal.

Misted by the ‘Niagara of the West’

The wind is fierce and the mist from the falls makes it even colder, but it sure does contribute to the beauty of this Idaho wonder.