Shepherd’s pie w/ mashed cauliflower

I whipped up Shepherd’s Pie, using cauliflower in lieu of potatoes, knowing that if I messed this up I’d be going to bed hungry.

Creamy tomato soup

The prep and cooking time for this recipe is quick! The only prep required is chopping up your onion. After that, this paleo-compliant recipe takes about 15 minutes to whip up!

Counting your macros

Counting your macros (calories, fats, carbs, proteins) is as easy as counting your calories. It just takes some time to learn the process and make it part of your day-to-day life.

National & state parks welcome Pokemon Go players with warning

Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. But, one of the main concerns I’ve heard since the game made its debut is, “How much are people missing as they walk around with their eyes glued to their phones?” That question is now taken to a whole new level as national and state parks become…

A year of firsts: CrossFit competition

It’s no secret. A few of my favorite things include a glass of wine at home on my couch, Dateline, and lately, binge watching Criminal Minds from the comfort of my bed. In 2016, I committed to making a conscious effort to disconnect a little bit — leave my phone behind and get outside more,…

The Alchemist: Excerpts

“The Alchemist” is brilliantly written. Why it resonates with me is hard to put into words. So until I find those words, I’ll leave you with a few of the excerpts that really made me think, ponder, reflect… It’s rare for a book to provoke so much that I write in its margins. “If you…

Mountain-made disconnect

Something magical happens when you reach the mountains of Montana. And it’s something that I wish I could experience more often. You lose your cell phone signal. Imagine it. Witnessing some of the most incredible views in the country and not being able to post the photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. For some, it…