Mountain-made disconnect

Something magical happens when you reach the mountains of Montana. And it’s something that I wish I could experience more often. You lose your cell phone signal.

Imagine it. Witnessing some of the most incredible views in the country and not being able to post the photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. For some, it sounds torturous. For me, it was eye opening and life changing. The disconnect I experienced during my week in Glacier National Park and at the north fork of the Flathead River gave me the ability to connect with the mountains, rivers, and lakes in a way that I haven’t done since I was young. Before I became tethered to a phone. Email. Social media.

I’ve been making a conscious effort in recent months to relax, reflect, and go back to how I felt when it was just me and the sound of the rushing river. Finding a similar place to unwind and disconnect hasn’t been as easy in Memphis, but I’m convinced that place like that exists around here…and I’m on a mission to find it.


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